Dear colleagues,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we invite you to take part in the International Conference «StemCellBio-2018: Bridging basic research and translational medicine», which will be held in Saint-Petersburg on 15th-17th of November, 2018.

Stem cell research became the focus area of modern regenerative medicine and the major growth option for it; we have already seen a lot of promising results of preclinical and worldwide clinical trials. However, stem cell behavior analysis leaves many questions about their application efficiency. For better managing this issue we need the cross-cutting events that could lead to integration between the fundamental and applied sciences. Improved interactions between biologists and practicing doctors are necessary for the further development of regenerative medicine. This is why the main goal of SCB-2018 is to create a communicative platform for informational exchange between various experts in the field of stem cell biology.

The scientific program of SCB-2018 will reflect the most current investigations of fundamental functioning mechanisms of stem cells. Special attention will be paid to the newest technologies of cell products creation for biomedical purposes.

Main subjects:

  • Genetic and epigenetic mechanisms of differentiation and reprogramming
  • Mesenchymal stem cells
  • Haematopoietic stem cells
  • Induced pluripotent stem cells
  • Resident stem cells
  • Stem cells for modeling pathological processes
  • Cell technologies for clinical application
  • Immunotherapy and dendritic vaccines

Within the Conference’s program plenary sessions will take place with reports of the leading scientists from Russia, Norway, Latvia, Israel etc. Plus special thematic round tables for discussion of medical, legal and ethical aspects of cell products applications.

Young scientists will have the possibility to present their results on a poster session, the best abstracts will be selected for representation during the thematic sections.

Abstracts will be published in the Conference Book.

The official languages are Russian and English.

For the on-line registration please follow the link
Official web-site of the Conference: www.stemcellbio.ru

The Organizing Committee invites medical and scientific organizations, healthcare officials, professional and scientific societies to participate StemCellBio-2018!

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